Phd Public Defense (of Fatih Balli)


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Date and time 22.07.2021 18:0022:00  
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CO 2
Speaker Fatih Balli
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Most of the cryptographic protocols that we use frequently on the internet are designed in a fashion that they are not necessarily suitable to run in constrained environments. Applications that run on limited-battery, with low computational power, or area constraints, therefore requires the new designs as well as improved implementations of cryptographic primitives, hence emerges the field lightweight cryptography.

In this thesis, we contribute to this effort in few separate directions, in particular regarding block ciphers and block-cipher-based authentication scheme implementations as application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC).

First, we look at optimizations that can be achieved at higher level. In particular, we show that the complete AES family (with varying key sizes 128, 192 and 256) can be realized as combined lightweight circuit, in a manner that shares the storage elements in order to save up silicon area.

Secondly, we contribute in the evaluation of a new design paradigm of fork cipher. We look at how much lightweight efficiency can be gained with this new AEAD design approach, by implementing ForkAES both in round-based and byte-serial implementations. Our comparison with respect to silicon area and energy consumption provides useful insights into AEAD design process.

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  • Fatih Balli


  • Fatih Balli

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