POB seminar - Startup edition by Dr. Nathan Dupertuis - From an academic concept to a new business, Solving the insoluble with Oryl Photonics


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Date 11.01.2024
Hour 18:1519:15
Speaker Dr Nathan Dupertuis
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
EPFL Photonics Chapter (EPC) is pleased to invite you to our monthly POB (Pizza-Optics-Beer) seminar! It is set to take place on Thursday, January 11, 2024, at 18:15 in CO 122.
For organizational purposes, please register for the event using this doodle before January 11, 2024.
This month Dr Nathan Dupertuis, co-founder and COO of Oryl Photonics, will show us how his spin-off startup from EPFL (LBP) started from an academic finding, to entering the pharmaceutical market.

In this talk, an advanced form of light scattering – high efficiency second harmonic scattering – will be presented. This optical process has unique properties that make highly sensitive to anisotropies, interfaces and particles. It can be used on a wide range of physical systems. A specific application with high potential is the detection of undissolved drug particles in liquids. Solubility is a crucial parameter for the R&D pharmaceutical companies but it is extremely challenging to measure. Indeed, state-of-the-art solubility measurements are either fast but inaccurate, or slow but accurate and require excess of chemicals. High efficiency second harmonic scattering can be used to fill the gap in the market offering of solubility measurement. Oryl Photonics – a spin-off from EPFL – was created to bring this technology from academia to industry.

You don't know POBs?
POBs (Pizza-Optics-Beer) are monthly seminars organized by the student association EPFL Photonics Chapter.
A 20-minutes presentation around optics is followed by pizza and beers!
The event is free and open to anyone.

We thank the Doctoral Program in Photonics (EPDO), the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE.), Optica and SwissPhotonics for their support.

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  • Mischa Flor, Elif Nur Dayi, Li Zhang, Felix Wechsler

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