Power Management for Internet of Everything


Managing power for the Internet of Everything (IoE) devices is a challenging task because the devices must always be powered up and can be located anywhere, including harsh, remote environments. It is often impossible to run a wire to a devices. The first session is focused on remote powered wireless sensor nodes enabling a broad spectrum of applications. A measurement topic breaks up the afternoon before switching to a more low power VLSI design from an industry. After a brief low power sensor applications the next day will also kick off with some low power VLSI from an industry perspective. Finally the afternoon will wrap-up some application and power management concept. A Poster session is expected to conclude the workshop with student’s research poster exhibition, presentation and a social evening.

The workshop brings together a group of prominent scientists from all around Europe from both industry and academia, presenting the most recent findings but also the exciting prospects of these fascinating technologies.

Also announced :https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/48394

Registration is mandatory : https://inform.epfl.ch/?form=IEEE_WORKSHOP_CAS

Practical information

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