Preventing and facing conflicts - Online


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Date 23.09.2021 24.09.202109:0017:00  
Speaker Melissa Davies & Cinthia Levy
Category Internal trainings
Event Language English

Conflicts are part of daily life and commonly arise in a business environment. Poorly managed, or not properly resolved, they can cause significant harm, both on an interpersonal level and for the organisation itself. Productivity may be affected and finances impacted as a result of tensions between colleagues.

Different approaches to conflict management are increasingly being used, helping clarify messy situations, lessening the tensions and enabling employees to continue to work together.

This seminar presents several separate yet related methods of conflict management. One of which, mediation, enables the parties in dispute to work towards a viable solution by taking into account all the different aspects of the problem. The mediator, as a neutral third party, uses tools and communication skills to help the parties elaborate, themselves, mutually satisfactory solutions. Participants will learn skills that will enable them to understand conflict and to manage, and ultimately resolve, disputes.


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