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  Thursday 28 February 2019 16:00 - 17:00 Zeuzier, I17 4 K2

Programmable Smart Bio-Inspired Sponges

By Prof. Omar K. Farha
Department of Chemistry,
Northwestern University,
Evanston, USA

ChE-605 - Highlights in Energy Research seminar series
Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are an emerging class of solid-state materials built up from metal-based nodes and organic linkers. They exhibit permanent porosity and unprecedented surface areas which can be readily tuned through coordination chemistry at the inorganic node and/or organic chemistry at the linkers. The high porosities, tunability, and stability are highly attractive in the context of catalysis. As exemplified by many catalytic enzyme assemblies in nature, site-isolation is a powerful strategy for performing catalytic reactions. MOFs provide an exciting platform for deploying catalysts in a site-isolated fashion and the cavities surrounding them can be engineered to conceptually mimic enzymes. This talk will address new advances in the synthesis and catalytic activity of MOF/Enzyme composite materials developed at Northwestern University.


Organization Prof. Wendy Queen

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