PTOLEMY: Experimental Quest to Detect Relic Neutrinos from the Big Bang


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Date 06.12.2021
Hour 16:1517:15
Speaker Prof. Chris Tully, Princeton University - video and powerpoint of the colloquium :
Location Online
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Neutrinos produced in the early moments of the Big Bang are believed to be the second most abundant particle in the Universe.  A method of experimental detection, called PTOLEMY, has been developed to map the flux of neutrinos on the sky and provide independent confirmation of the power spectrum from the inflationary pre-Big Bang period.  The challenges of ultracold relic neutrino detection have led to new advances in material technologies, RF detection and an electromagnetic spectrometer which doubles as a new type of particle accelerator with potential use for plasma heating.  The current status and outlook of PTOLEMY are presented.

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