QSE Center's Quantum Seminar: Andrea Hofmann, University of Basel


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Date 01.06.2023
Hour 12:1513:15
Speaker Prof. Dr. Andrea Hofmann
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

On the next talk in our Quantum Seminar series, Thursday June 1st, we have the pleasure of having Prof. Andrea Hofmann from the Department of Physics, University of Basel, talk about “Quantum Devices in Germanium heterostructures”. Location: BS 270

As last time, Pizzas will be available in front of the auditorium, before the seminar (11:45-12:15). All PhDs, postdocs, students, and PIs are welcome to join us. All PIs are welcome to suggest our next speakers.


High-quality semiconductor heterostructures build the basic ingredient facilitating quantum transport experiments including the promising field of semiconductor spin qubits. The material used for the quantum well (QW) determines the properties of the confined quantum states. Ge QWs have recently emerged as a suitable platform for fast spin qubits, due to a combination of favorable properties of the confined states. The Ge platform is furthermore interesting as it allows to investigate low-dimensional valence band states, which are much less studied than conduction band states. Last but not least, the Fermi level pinning close to the valence band enables inducing superconductivity via the proximity effect.

In our lab, we use semiconducting structures to build spin qubits, and we make use of the proximity effect to build hybrid qubits. Eventually, we want to couple the different qubits via microwave resonator photons. Going this path, we will answer basic research questions by studying in detail the quantum states and the distinct types of spin—orbit interactions occurring in different devices.

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