Self-Leadership- Look within to succeed


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Date 15.03.2023 17.03.202309:0017:30  
Speaker Melissa Davies and Stephanie Ruder
Category Internal trainings
Event Language English

Self-leadership is the process by which a person becomes more comfortable with who they are and what they want, allowing them to fulfil their potential and build a strong foundation from which to take daily decisions – both professional and personal. Self-leadership enables more effective communication, enhanced fulfilment and more balanced decisions.
Both men and women can benefit from learning and practicing self-leadership to improve their professional and personal lives. This course can be tailored specifically to women leaders to facilitate sharing experiences and insights and to give them  specific support, advice and tools to use in their leadership roles.
How this workshop will help you
We will explore the topic of self-leadership by addressing self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy. At the same time, this workshop will provide a space where you can exchange ideas and strategies with others on dealing with and succeeding in the situations that you face in your current work environment and your life.


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