SMLMS 2021 Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium


Event details

Date 31.08.2021 02.09.2021
Hour 09:0016:00
Speaker Keynote speakers

Peng Yin, Wyss Institute at Harvard
Virginia Cornish, Columbia University

Invited speakers Allison Squires, Stanford University, USA Bernd Rieger, Tudelft, NL Bo Huang, UCSF, USA Dylan Owen, King’s College London, UK Francisco Balzarotti, Research Institute for Molecular Pathology, Austria Helge Ewers, Freie University of Berlin, Germany Izzy Jayasinghe, University of Leeds, UK Jean-Baptiste Sibarita, Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences – CNRS, France Jinyoung Kang, MIT Jonas Ries, EMBL Kristin Grussmayer, EPFL Mike Heilemann, Goethe University, Germany Pablo Rivera-Fuentes, EPFL Sandrine Leveque-Fort, Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay – CNRS, France Sjoerd Stallinga, Delft University, Netherlands Susan Cox, King’s College London, UK
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

SMLMS 10th edition will take place August 31 – September 2, 2021 as a hybrid event.
The scope of SMLMS is to bring together scientists from Europe and abroad working in the field of SMLM and other emerging imaging modalities. 
During the 2016 SMLMS conference we organized  3D SMLM Software Challenge,  that provided  a holistic view of how the latest 2D and 3D single molecule localization software perform in realistic conditions.

For the 10th edition,  we organized a “Cluster AnalysisShowtime” and will hold a special session to focus on novel methods for cluster analysis as well as on the emergence of community-driven, reliable metrics.
This year’s event also showcases applications where cluster analysis significantly impacted biological discovery. Join the community at this Slack discussion
SMLMS has a tradition of hosting distinguished keynote speakers such as Prof. William E. Moerner (2012), Prof. Marcus Sauer (2013), Dr. Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (2013, 2016), Prof. Stefan W. Hell (2014, 2019), Prof. Daniel Choquet (2015), Dr. Eric Betzig (2015), Prof. Antoine Triller (2015), Prof. Taekjip Ha (2016), Dr. Harald Hess (2017), Prof. Katarina Gauss (2018) and Prof. María García-Parajo (2019). We are happy to announce Prof. Peng Yin and Dr. Virginia Cornish as 2020/2021 distinguished keynote speakers.