SNSF Sinergia | Research funding for interdisciplinary and collaborative projects


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Date 02.11.2022  
Category Call for proposal
Sinergia is the SNSF instrument, which supports collaborative, interdisciplinary and breakthrough projects in any disciplines by established researchers.

Eligible research:
  • Integrates elements (theories, methods, concepts, etc.) from 2+ disciplines of similar importance to the research project;
  • Has high potential for shifting or invalidating paradigms;
  • Questions or goes beyond existing models, theories, doctrines, research approaches, methods, etc.;
  • Opens up new research fields;
  • Is often high-risk, high-reward.

Who can apply:
  • Consortium: min. 2 and max. 4 applicants. At least 2 applicants based in Switzerland, including the corresponding applicant. 2 applicants from the same institution, but different labs are eligible to apply. 1 applicant may be based abroad if she/he brings essential expertise.
  • Applicants: PhD obtained at least 4 years prior to the application deadline or 3 years of research work. This restriction does not apply to independent researchers who can apply as soon as they get the said position. All applicants must be in a position to carry out research projects under their own responsibility and to lead project staff.

Funding and duration: min. CHF 50’000 – max. CHF 3’200’000 for 12-48 months.

Eligible costs: personnel (excl. PI’s salary) and research costs; equipment (for equipment costs higher than CHF 100K in total, an institutional co-financing of 50% must be obtained and you need to contact [email protected] 3 weeks prior to the deadline!); subcontracting. Use the EPFL Budget Calculator to prepare your application.

Deadlines: 2 November 2022 at 17:00

For further information, please have a look at the call webpage, regulations and EPFL Toolkit.

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