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Date and time 31.10.2020  
Category Call for proposal

On February 1st, 2019 the SNSF launches SPIRIT, a new program aimed at fostering international scientific collaboration between researchers based in Switzerland and their counterparts in 127 SPIRIT partner countries receiving development assistance. A highly competitive selection process is in place, with 12 projects being funded per year.
Who can apply:

  • Max. 4 applicants.
  • At least 1 applicant at a higher education or research institution in Switzerland.
  • At least 1 applicant at a higher education, research institution or ONG in SPIRIT partner countries (list in section 1.2 at this link). Note that applicants based at EU member and associated countries, as well as in countries participating in a bilateral call with the SNSF are NOT eligible.
  • Applicants must be either employed or given a written assurance of such employment at the time of submission.
  • for at least 4 years at the submission or 3 years of research work as main source of income.
  • Must be in a position to carry out research projects under their own responsibility and to lead project staff both scientifically and as personnel.
  • Gender promotion: scientific quality being equal, preference will be given to women scientists or to proposals showing better gender awareness in the research project and team.
  • Project partners are eligible if their contribution is necessary and does not serve any commercial purposes.
Funding and duration: min. CHF 50’000 and max. CHF 500’000 for min. 2 and max. 4 years.
  • Eligible costs: Personnel, Expendable items, Field expenses, Travel, Subcontracting, Computing time and data, Open access to research data, Direct costs of infrastructure use, Conference and workshops, Gender awareness activities, National and international cooperation and networking activities, Equipment (if > CHF 100’000 in total, contact [email protected] 3 weeks prior to the deadline) and, for the applicant in a SPIRIT partner country, 5% for general costs. Finally, project partners can request the following costs: Designing databases or websites, Data preparation and analysis, Recruiting patients, Curating biobanks, Elaborating legal reviews.
  • Does NOT cover: applicants’ salary, open access publications and, for the Swiss applicants, overheads.

Deadline: any time
  • Deadline for pre-proposals: any time
        Invitation to submit a full-proposal/rejection letter: within 4 months
  • Deadline for full proposal: within 2 months after receiving the invitation to submit.
  • Deadline for reinforcement letter (optional): mentioned in the invitation to submit a full proposal.
Decision: within 10 months
For further information, please have a look at the call webpage and at the EPFL Toolkit.
Also featured in the EPFL Research Office News.

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