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Date 01.02.2022  
Category Call for proposal

The SNSF Starting Grants replace Eccellenza and ERC StG.

This grant allows outstanding researchers to lead an independent research project in any disciplines and a team of researchers in CH.

  • Funding: Max. CHF 1.8M for max. 5 years (including applicant's salary, if applicable).
  • Eligibility: 3 to 8 years of scientific activity after the doctoral exam.
How to get EPFL's support?
  • Do you hold a professorship position?
    • Yes: to obtain the General Confirmation Letter, submit draft application and detailed confirmation letter (template in the Toolkit) signed by Institute Director to [email protected], indicating your commitment time to the project (min. 50%).
    • No: to obtain the General Confirmation Letter, follow the internal process put in place for Eccellenza and ERC StG (ref. EPFL Toolkit). Should you be awarded an SNSF StG and be appointed by the ETH-Board, you will receive the title of assistant professor (non tenure track).
How to apply
  • Go to mySNF - note that creating an account may take a few days.
Applicant Workshop Contact [email protected] for any questions.

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