Call for proposal

  Friday 30 June 2017


The SNSF is participating in the first call for proposals within the scope of the Southeast Asia – Europe Joint Funding Scheme.

​The objective of the Joint Funding Scheme (JFS) is to bring together Southeast Asian and European researchers and innovators and allow them to collaborate on topics of mutual interest. The JFS is a scheme for pooling resources at a multilateral level to support collaborative research and innovation projects.

Deadlines: 30.06.2017, 18.00 CET
Funding : The maximum amount allocated per project is CHF 250,000 (for Switzerland).
Duration : Maximum 36 months
Subjects :
The call is open in the following thematic areas:
Health, with preference:
  • Sub-topic 1: Anti-microbial drug resistance (new drug candidates (preclinical), diagnostics, transmission, antibiotic use and resistance in livestock, surveillance
  • Sub-topic 2: Emerging infectious diseases (new drug and vaccine candidates (preclinical), diagnostics, epidemiology, public health preparedness)
Climate Change/Environment, with preference:
  • Sub-topic 1: Adaptation/resilience of food production systems (including varietal improvement of (plantation) crops)
  • Sub-topic 2: Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystems/Biodiversity (including analysis of diversity-stability relationships and ecosystems productivity)

The respective thematic areas should be approached from a multi- and interdisciplinary point of view in order to ensure optimum synergies and networking options. Project proposals from all kinds of disciplines are welcome as long as they fit into the thematic scope and add value for all participating countries.

For more information and application : Please have a look at the SNSF’s website.

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