Statistics for Indirectly Measured Functional Data


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Date 30.03.2020 03.04.2020
Hour 08:0018:00
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Functional data such as space curves, images, and surfaces are seldom sensed directly; curves are often noisily and discretely sampled, images are subject to blurring and deformation, and surfaces are often obtained via indirect linear measurements. Understanding the generation of the observations then requires modelling the act of acquisition, and solving an inverse problem in order to arrive at statistical inferences. This leads to a host of new research questions, from identifiability to trade-offs between statistical optimality and computational feasibility, which also make contact with signal processing and numerical analysis.

Part of the Semester : Functional Data Analysis

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  • Merle Behr, University of California, Berkeley
    Aurore Delaigle, University of Melbourne
    Sofia Olhede, EPFL

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