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Date and time 01.04.2021  
Category Call for proposal

The Swiss Foundation for Alcohol Research (SFAR)

  • funds projects that promise to deliver new insights in the general field of alcohol research
  • awards funding for scientific conferences
  • actively encourages research on neglected fields
  • awards grants to promote talented young researchers
  • ensures that scientific findings are actually disseminated through publication grants

Priority is given to applications that have practical relevance for public health in addition to their scientific value.

The Foundation Board is made up of representatives from the Federal Office of Public Health, the Swiss Alcohol Board, the Federal Commission for Alcohol-Related Issues, Addiction Switzerland and experts from various scientific disciplines, e.g. medicine, psychology, biology and sociology.

The Foundation offers the following funding instruments:
  1. Grants to researchers to conduct scientific studies (max. CHF 70K per year). Note that for applications that use animal experiments, the relation to human biology must be explicitly demonstrated. Basic research using only animal experiments will not be considered for funding.
  2. Grants to university graduates (SNSF rates for 1 year). Grants are awarded to university graduates, usually up to 35 years old, provided their post-graduate study involves generating knowledge that can conceivably be used in future alcohol research.
  3. Funding for scientific conferences, particularly coordination meetings (max. CHF 5-10K). Funding can be awarded to conferences provided alcohol research is a central theme of the conference and it has a link to Switzerland. The application must state the specific purpose of the SFAR funding at the conference. The Foundation does not provide deficiency guarantees for conferences.
  4. Publication grants (max. CHF 3K). Publication grants will be awarded if the publication makes a key contribution to knowledge in the field of alcohol research.

Call deadline: 1 April 2021

Decision: mid-September.
Success rate: 25%

For further information, please have a look at the call webpage.

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