SwissCube 10 Years Celebration


Event details

Date 23.09.2019
Hour 18:3020:30
Speaker Andreas Mortensen Muriel Richard CHESS : Tristan Trebaol, Alfonso Villegas, Nicolas Martinod
Category Celebrations

In 2009, SwissCube, the first Swiss satellite, was launched into Space.
This year on September 23rd 2019, it will reach its 10 years in orbit.
To celebrate its wonderful Space adventure, the EPFL Space Center (eSpace) invites you to an event at EPFL.

Agenda of the event:

  • Introduction by VP research Andreas Mortensen (5 min)
  • Clean Space projects presentation by Muriel Richard (15 min)
  • CHESS introduction (Cubesat constellation student project, 10 min)
  • Posters + Apéritif 
For organisational purpose, kindly fill in this DOODLE to confirm your participation.
Join us to celebrate SwissCube's 10 years in Space!