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Date 28.06.2023
Category Call for proposal

To support Swiss-Brazilian international business-led innovation collaboration and thereby support their global growth prospects EMBRAPII and Innosuisse have opted for a two-stage evaluation process, to align the common targets and allow for a greater number of funded projects.
The innovation promotion agency of Brazil (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa e Inovação Industrial – EMBRAPII) with the support of ApexBrasil and the Swiss Innovation Agency – Innosuisse are announcing the 4th edition of the TechMakers Brazil-Switzerland bilateral call for joint R&D project outlines. The proposals must contribute to the development of ready to market solutions for products, technology-based services or methods, which have a significant market potential in Brazil and Switzerland. The call is open for all scientific disciplines; however, projects in the following topics are particularly appreciated:

  • Biotech; Medtech; Healthtech
  • Agritech and Foodtech
  • Bioeconomy; Circular economy
  • Climatech and sustainability
  • Cleantech; Clean energy & water
  • Digitalisation; Industry 4.0; Advanced materials
  • Innovation and creativity (social, technical, cultural)
  • Mobility

Amount: Innosuisse covers a maximum of 70% of the eligible direct project costs of the Swiss partners as follows:
  • Funding rate for Research institutions: 100% of eligible costs
  • Funding rate for Start-ups: 70% of eligible costs, max.
  • Funding rate for SMEs: 50% of eligible costs
  • Funding rate for Large Companies: 25% of eligible costs
Duration: Maximum 3 years

Application Deadline:
  • Pre-Proposals:          28 June 2023
  • Full Application:        30 September 2023
Call information Event and Partnering (optional)
  • Identification of project partners (Brazil & Switzerland) provided by ApexBrasil/EEN
  • EEN Switzerland provides an online b2match platformwith partner profiles to establish contacts between interested organizations.
  • On request, partners will be instructed in detail by the contact persons of the two agencies on how to apply for funding.

Eligibility Criteria :  All proposals must meet following eligibility criteria to be qualified for evaluation:
  • The project consortia must include at least one business entity from each country and one research institute accredited by EMBRAPII as “EMBRAPII unit”.
  • The participation of further research organizations and further commercial companies from both countries according to each country’s funding regulations is welcome.
  • The research organizations and commercial companies must comply with the regulations of their respective country.
  • The project partners shall name a designated main-coordinator.
  • The project duration is between 18 and 36 months.
  • The project should demonstrate a relevant innovation content, added-value and benefit from the bilateral cooperation in both countries.
  • Projects should have a balanced contribution of the total eligible project costs among the partners from the participating partner countries. No more than 70% of the overall project person-months1 can be claimed by any single partner or by all partners from a single participating country.
  • Along with the proposal, the consortium is encouraged to present a draft agreement on the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • Both agencies will only consider project costs, which arise in their country eligible for funding. Cross-border funding is not foreseen.

How to Apply: Pre-proposal submission links
  • Swiss participants must submit the simplified Innosuisse pre-proposal application, as well as a joint call document. Both documents can be found on the Innosuisse webpage.
  • The pre-proposal documents (in English) must be submitted exclusively via PrivaSphere.

Further Information / Useful links :

Please contact the Research Office for additional information.

Contacts for Details and Partner Search Requests
Contacts for Information about the Call conditions (Pre- and Full Proposal)
Prabitha Urwyler
Tel: +41 58 469 17 67
[email protected]

Rita de Fátima Aragão Macêdo
Tel: +55 61 3772-1046
[email protected]

Contacts for Partner search Requests EEN
EEN contact Switzerland
Nicolas Lentze
Tel: +41 58 469 07 59
[email protected]

EEN contact Brazil
Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology
Marcio Antonio Magalhães Canedo
[email protected]

Contacts for Partner Search Requests ApexBrasil
Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil)
Sérgio Gustavo Rossi
[email protected]
Jayme Queiroz
[email protected]

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