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Date and time 06.10.2020 18:0020:20  
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Speaker Luc-Olivier Bauer, Marshall Wilder, Bruno Murari
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We have the pleasure to invite you to join us in celebrating IEEE Day.

In this occasion Italy and Switzerland Section together with the organization unit prepared for you a program bridging the past and the future.
The Zoom Session details will be provided to the registered attendees.
The program is as follow :

18:00-18:10 Opening Session
The chair of Switzerland and Italy Section will introduce the session

18:10-19:10 : The microchip revolution
Representatives of the Life Members and History activities of Switzerland and Italy brought up a session around the theme of The microchip revolution.
    - It is our great pleasure to convey a meeting with the participation of
         1. Luc-Olivier Bauer and Marshall Wilder authors of the book 
            "The Microchip Revolution: A brief history".

The Book is available online and we encourage you to read. The book was dedicated to the memory of Dr.Jean Amédée Hoerni (1924-1997), a Swiss Geneva born Scientist expatriated first to Cambridge, then Caltech, hired by Bill Shockley at his Mountain View Labs, who become the only non-American partner of the “traitorous eight engineers“ founders in 1957 of Fairchild Semiconductors in Palo Alto.

He filed the fundamental patent on the Planar Process there in 1959.
And subsequently together with Bob Noyce the patent on silicon integrated circuits.
Also know as as silicon chips, e.g. microchips. The rest is history!
  2. Bruno Murari of ST-Microelectronics
          Will present a contribution on BCD technology entitled Multiple Silicon Technologies on a Chip.
          From research to a successful industry standard
The session will be interactive and moderated by Hugo Wyss From the Swiss Life Members Section.
Together With Mathier Coustans & Taekwang Jang From the Solid State chapter Switzerland   
19:15-20:15 : My research in 5 minutes.
Bridging the past and the future.
The student branch and Young Professional are arranging short pitch presenting ongoing research.

Speaker 1 – Chiara Rossi (CH-L) - A novel approach for SPICE modeling of light and radiation effects in ICs
Speaker 2 – Elisabetta (IT) - 
Speaker 3 – Zurich1 (CH-Z) - 
Speaker 4 – Vittoria (IT) -
Speaker 5 – Zurich2 (CH-Z) -
Speaker 6 – (IT) -
Speaker 7 – Raffaele (CH-L) -
Speaker 8 – (IT) -
Speaker 9 – (CH) -
Speaker 10 – (IT) -

20.15-20.20 Closing Session

The Zoom Session details will be provided to the registered attendees.


  • Starts 15 September 2020 10:00 PM
  • Ends 06 October 2020 05:50 PM
  • All times are Europe/Zurich
  • No Admission Charge

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  • General public
  • Free


  • Switzerland and Italy Section, Switzerland and Italy Life Members, Italy Young Professionals, EPFL Student Branch


  • Gabriel Laupré