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  Sunday 11 February - Friday 16 February 2018 STCC 2 52

Symposium Hydrogen & Energy - Latsis Symposium


Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Storage, Hydrogen Applications, Theory and Modeling, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Synthetic Fuels, Functional Materials.
The 12th symposium “Hydrogen & Energy” follows the 11th symposium that took place on February 26th – March 3rd 2017 in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, with more than 70 participants. It serves as an information platform of the fundamental science and technology and the frontiers of research on hydrogen and energy.The 12th symposium is a LATSIS symposium financially supported by the LATSIS Foundation.

The symposium consists of invited keynote lectures reviewing the key elements of the hydrogen cycle, i.e. the hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and hydrogen combustion and fuel cells. Furthermore, contributions on the conversion of renewable energy in general and energy carriers besides and beyond hydrogen are very welcome. The world leading experts present the current research challenges and most important results in invited and contributing talks. Early stage and experienced researchers present their newest results and the open questions on posters as well as in a one slide presentation.

The conference will take place in the SwissTech Convention Center, Quartier Nord de l'EPFL, Route Louis-Favre 2, CH - 1024 Ecublens ( on the campus of EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The number of participants is limited to 130.


Organization Dr. Noris Gallandat Prof. Andreas Züttel

Contact Miriam Wischmann

Accessibility General public

Admittance Registration required