Tackling the job market successfully


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Date 13.12.2021 17.12.2021  
Speaker Stephen Fischer
Category Internal trainings
Event Language English

An interactive workshop for PhD Students and Post-Docs helping them succeed in their career transition.
This three-day workshop will help you discover how the job market works and learn how to promote your value proposition and will give you the tools to craft effective job applications for the industry.

Key elements: 

  • The range of post-EPFL career options available to you and the recruitment tools and channels used by employers;
  • How to craft an effective CV, create impactful letters of motivation, and learn insider tips and techniques for mastering job interviews;
  • Understand how your experience, beliefs and cognitive biases can impact your choices and your job search success;
  • Opportunity to employ your “science communication” skills to present your research, both for an elevator pitch and your CV and LinkedIn;
  • Why and how to negotiate your first salary;
  • Peer review, pairwork and breakout discussions, plus preparation of an actual job application, featuring a mock job interview.
As a bonus, after the course, each participant can benefit from an individual coaching session (45 mins, flexible dates) to focus on specific aspects of their career transition. 
Important: The training does not take place over 3 consecutive days but is spread over a week

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Link to register: https://epfl.eu.crossknowledge.com/site/m/public_training/545


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  • This event is internal


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