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  Monday 11 February - Wednesday 13 February 2013 13:30 - 14:00 QIE1107.2

TeraHertz : New opportunities for Industry

By - Dr. J. Hesler, CTO, Virginia Diodes, Inc., USA
Bio: - Dr. F. Engelke, Bruker BioSpin GmbH, Germany
- Prof. T. Nagatsuma, Osaka University, Japan
- Prof. X.-C. Zhang, University of Rochester, USA
- Dr. J.-F. Lampin, IEMN, Lille, France
- Dr. P. Taday, TeraView Ltd, Cambridge, UK
- Dr. R. Dobbs,  CPI, Communication & Power Industries, Canada
- Prof. J. Faist, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, ALPES LASER SA
- Dr. O. Mitrofanov, University College London (UCL), UK
- Dr. S. Alberti, CRPP, EPFL, Switzerland

TeraHertz (THz), the frequencies between electronics and optics, was until recently the last unexploited part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. The harnessing of THz-based technologies has the potential of impacting globally a vast number of industries, like both electronics in the 70's and optics in the 80's did. THz applications span over a wide array of fields, including:
- Quality Control and Non-destructive testing
- Surface analysis
- Security
- Chemical and Bio-Medical analysis
- Telecommunications
Filling the Terahertz "gap" has led to unprecedented creativity in the development and commercialization of TeraHertz sources, transmission components and detectors. This course is a unique opportunity to network with specialists, converge know-how, and scout for innovative applications.

Organization Prof. J-Ph Ansermet with SWISS to 12, A. Macor and E. de Rijk


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