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Date 01.10.2021  
Category Call for proposal

The goal of the Cogito Foundation is to encourage the dialogue between science and technology on one hand and humanities and the social sciences, on the other.

The Foundation supports research that helps bridge this gap. It does not fund the mere application of a method from one discipline to another: all disciplines involved must gain scientifically from the research project. The Foundation does not grant supplementary funding to SNF, ERC or similar grants. Does not cover overheads nor infrastructure costs.

Restriction: does NOT cover additional costs of projects already funded by SNSF, ERC or similar national and international funding.

The foundation’s yearly budget for grants is approximately CHF 650’000.

  • Who can apply: established researchers.
  • For what: research projects at an academic institution in Switzerland or abroad.
  • How much: rarely exceeds CHF 100’000 (based on approved projects, min. CHF 7’000, max. CHF 250’000, average CHF 70’000).
  • Duration: up to 36 months (renewable).
  • Eligible costs: Salaries (as per EPFL salary scale), including social charges, Equipment, Materials, Other research costs and Publications. Does NOT cover overheads nor infrastructure.
  • Who can apply: researchers affiliated to an academic institution.
  • For what: Postdoctoral fellowships for young scientists, who recently obtained their PhD, who want to carry out postdoctoral research at a foreign institution.
  • Duration: at least 6 months.
  • How much: based on approved projects, min. CHF 5’000, max. CHF 190’000, average CHF 70’000. Does NOT cover overheads nor infrastructure.

The Cogito Foundation also supports events that aim at increasing the understanding of scientific thinking and the scientific method among the public at large. The Foundation does NOT fund the dissemination of scientific results.
  • For what: invite prominent speakers to congresses, meetings, seminars and the like.
  • How much: based on approved projects, min. CHF 1’000, max. CHF 100’000, average CHF 15’000.
  • For what: Events and activities based in Switzerland. Does NOT cover translations, printing costs and overheads.
  • How much: based on approved projects, min. CHF 2’000, max. CHF 250’000, average CHF 30’000.

DEADLINES: 1 May and 1 October (every year) at 1 p.m. CET.
Decisions: end of June and beginning of December.

Application: Submit your application in English or German, as a single PDF-document, to [email protected]. Guidelines for applicants are available at this link.

Selection process:
  • ELIGIBILITY CHECK: the executive committee of the Foundation Council checks if the application is in line with the goals of the Foundation and immediately informs the applicant if this is not the case.
  • EVALUATION: proposals passing the eligibility check are submitted to the Foundation Council. The Decision is communicated to the applicant within 2 months.

For further information, please have a look at the foundation website.

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