The Digital Turn in Historical Sociolinguistics - Talk by Prof. Anita Auer, UNIL


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Date 13.11.2019
Hour 16:0018:00
Speaker Prof. Anita Auer
Category Conferences - Seminars
Over the last thirty years numerous corpora of various historical varieties of English and other languages have been compiled and made available to historical sociolinguistics, i.e. a research field that investigates language variation and change over time and space, with a particular focus on the effect that society has on language use. Regarding the text bases for corpus creation, a development from using printed material, often written by the top social layers, to manuscript materials, written by the lower (less educated) social layers, can be observed. On the digital side, a move from plain text versions to TEI and other standards has taken place.
This presentation (a) provides a brief overview of the digital development in the field of historical sociolinguistics, and (b) discusses some challenges that the corpus creation process entails, e.g. the conversion of textual material into a corpus, the implementation of meta-linguistic information, the (dis)agreement on standards, and (c) sketches a vision and the future potential of historical sociolinguistic databases.

DH Research Seminar
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