Time-varying degree-corrected stochastic block models


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Date 07.06.2024
Hour 15:1516:15
Speaker Rainer von Sachs, Institute of statistics, biostatistics and actuarial sciences, UCLouvain, Belgium    
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Recent interest has emerged in community detection for dynamic networks which are observed along a trajectory of points in time. In this talk, we present a time-varying degree-corrected stochastic block model to fit a dynamic network which allows evolving heterogeneity in the degrees of nodes within a community over time. Considering the influence of the varying time window on the aggregation of network information from different time points, in the parameter estimation, we propose a smoothing-based method to recover time-varying degree parameters and communities.
In particular we provide rates of consistency of our smoothed estimators for degree parameters and communities using a time-localised profile-likelihood approach. We illustrate our method by some comparative simulation studies and an application to a real data set.
This is joint work with Mengxue Li and Eugen Pircalabelu (UCLouvain).



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