Trace Gas Orbiter Launch Event: The Search for Life on Mars


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Date 16.03.2016
Hour 18:0019:30
Speaker Anton Ivanov, Space Engineering Center (eSpace)
Pierre Brisson, Mars Society Switzerland
Category Conferences - Seminars
To celebrate the launch to Mars of the Trace Gas Orbiter Satellite via the ExoMars programme (launch day March 14th), the Space Engineering Center (eSpace) invites you to a seminar at the EPFL, with an apero offered by eSpace after the presentation.

The main objective of the Trace Gas Orbiter, as announced by ESA, is to search for any “activity” upon the surface of Mars through the study of its trace gases. By “activity” is understood any biological process or inner thermal/chemical planetary process having an effect upon the atmosphere. The purpose of this presentation will be to draw a general outline of the accumulated knowledge within which this mission is being conducted and to show that indeed it is possible that Life existed once on Mars. Alternatively, considering the environmental conditions prevailing along the last 3.5 billion years, the process of evolution might not have had time to succeed in reaching that level of complexity.

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  • General public
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  • Anton Ivanov, Space Engineering Center (eSpace)


  • Candice Norhadian, Space Engineering Center (eSpace)


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