Twenty Years of Biomedical Imaging and Splines


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Date 23.03.2018
Hour 13:4518:10
Speaker Michael Unser, Stéphane Mallat, Christophe Rabut, Akram Aldroubi, Thierry Blu, Erik Meijering, Costanza Conti, Dimitri Van De Ville
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Biomedical Imaging Group / Laboratoire d'imagerie biomédicale

Morning and afternoon sessions take place at separate locations
Morning, Université de Lausanne, Amphimax Room 414 (08:30-12:40)

08:00-08:30    Coffee and Croissants

08:30-08:40    Prof. Michael Unser, EPFL
        Twenty Years of Biomedical Imaging and Splines—Part I: An Introduction
08:40-09:00    Dr. Julien Fageot, EPFL
        A Mathematical Journey with the Biomedical Imaging Group
09:00-09:20    Prof. Brigitte Forster, Universität Passau
        The Commutative Diagram of Signal Processing
09:20-09:40    Prof. Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
        The BIG Bang
09:40-10:00    Prof. Arash Amini, Sharif University of Technology
        A List Too BIG to Estimate? Sparsity Helps!
10:00-10:20    Prof. John Paul Ward, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
        Localized Basis Functions on Graphs and Applications

10:20-10:40    Pause

10:40-10:50    Prof. Jan Kybic, Czech Technical University
        Registration Forever
10:50-11:00    Prof. Arrate Muñoz, University Carlos III of Madrid
        On Gathering Biomedical Imaging Scientists Together
11:00-11:10    Prof. Matthews Jacob, University of Iowa
        Parametric Modeling of Curves and Surfaces
11:10-11:20    Prof. Michael Liebling, IDIAP Research Institute
        Microscopy, in a Heartbeat
11:20-11:30    Prof. Muthuvel Arigovindan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
        My Experience in Biomedical Imaging Group
11:30-11:40    Prof. Ulugbek Kamilov, Washington University in St. Louis
        BIG Learning from the Perspective of a Recent Student
11:40-12:40    Many PhD Alumni
        The BIG Family

12:40-13:45    Lunch and Change of Room

Afternoon, EPFL, Room CE6 (13:45-18:10)

13:45-14:00    Prof. Michael Unser, EPFL
        Twenty Years of Biomedical Imaging and Splines
14:00-14:45    Prof. Stéphane Mallat, École Polytechnique
        Unsupervised Learning and Generative Networks
14:45-15:15    Prof. Christophe Rabut, Toulouse University
        High-Level B-Splines and Positive-Definite Partition of Unity

15:15-15:30    Pause

15:30-16:15    Prof. Akram Aldroubi, Vanderbilt University
        On Splines and Other Important Things in Life
16:15-16:45    Prof. Thierry Blu, Chinese University of Hong Kong
        Local All-Pass Image Registration

16:45-17:00    Pause

17:00-17:20    Dr. Erik Meijering, Erasmus University Medical Center
        Models in Biomedical Image Analysis
17:20-17:40    Prof. Costanza Conti, University of Florence
        A Subdivision Approach to Splines and Exponential Splines
17:40-18:00    Prof. Dimitri Van De Ville, EPFL
        Spline Mines: Digging Deeper Than Any Human Ever Dug
18:00-18:10    Prof. Martin Vetterli, EPFL
        Concluding Remarks

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