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Date and time 13.11.2019  
Category Call for proposal

The Volkswagen Stiftung funding initiative Original – isn't it? New Options for the Humanities and Cultural Studies aims at the scientific exploration of original ideas in the humanities and cultural studies. It supports project teams who wish to work together on a new research idea and test its feasibility in an initial exploratory phase, and subsequently co-author a publication on the results.
The PI must come from the humanities and cultural studies. Co-applicants can be issued from the social sciences as well as from the life, natural and engineering sciences.
Projects involving empirical studies, data analysis, or interviews cannot be funded.
A total of approximately 20 projects will be funded per call.
Who can apply:

  • Max. 4 partners with a PhD.
  • The PI must be employed (or have an offer of employment) by a university or research institution in Germany.
  • Co-applicants can be based at a university or research institution in Switzerland.
Funding & Duration for funding line “Constellations”:
  • max. EUR 200'000 for up to 18 months for projects with 4 partners.
  • max. EUR 150’000 for up to 18 months for projects with up to 3 partners.
  • Eligible costs: personnel and project-related costs (incl. funding for international partners).
  • Does NOT cover overheads, doctoral studies, childcare.
Deadline: 13 November 2019
Applications (a short 3-page sketch template 1 and a 1-page self-assessment template 2) will be reviewed by the Foundation and, in anonymised form, by a jury of international researchers.
Decision: within 5-6 months.
Success rate: until now 52 projects have been funded → 17 out of 387 (4%) in 2015, 18 out of 213 (8%) in 2016, and 17 out of 174 (10%) applications in 2017.
Start of the project: within 6 months from the decision.
For more information and application, please have a look at the call webpage, guidelines, FAQs and past selected projects.

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