Water Designs: l'eau dessine la ville / ARCHIZOOM


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Date 14.06.2024 28.10.2024
Speaker HRC, Habitat Research Center
Category Exhibitions
Event Language French, English
Water Designs: l’eau dessine la ville

Water design is of major importance today. The risks associated with water and climate change are a cause of global concern.
Cities and territories are becomming the ‘water laboratory’ in which to shape the socio-ecological transition.

Water is about life, space and power relations.
The project of water is biopolitical.

The exhibition focuses on several fundamental paradigm shifts around Water Designs that characterize our times and a plurality of geo­graphical, disciplinary and cultural contexts. To this end, the exhibition is organized around two main conceptual and spatial devices : a frieze, organizing a water genealogy and and a panel of contemporary explorations.

The exhibition presents projects carried out at EPFL in the ENAC faculty and the works of Lausanne Jardins, together with explorations and reflections produced in a broader context. It will echo the cultural event Lausanne Jardins 2024, entitled “Between Water and Us”, which questions the strategic capacity of gardens to strengthen the resilience of contemporary cities and their ability to adapt to the challenges of climate change, loss of biodiversity and finite resources.

Curation Archizoom & Habitat Research Center, EPFL


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