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  Tuesday 13 February - Friday 16 February 2018 09:00 MXF 1

Winterschool Fiber Lasers & Optical Fiber Technology

The WINTER SCHOOL is organized by the group of optical fiber devices (Institute of Microengineering - IMT) jointly with COST Action MP1401 (Advanced fibre laser and coherent source as tools for society, manufacturing and lifescience).
The school will take place
from February 13 – February 16, 2018
at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The International Training School combines lectures as well as hands-on lab tutorials and offers students and researchers the opportunity to exchange scientific ideas, create contacts, and gain inspiration from leading professionals at the cutting edge of fiber lasers and optical fiber technology.

  • Materials for photonics and optical fibers
  • Modeling of fiber lasers
  • IR- transparent materials and fibers for lasers
  • Optical fiber waveguides, fiber Bragg gratings, and lasers
  • NIR and Mid-IR fiber lasers
  • Biomedical applications of Mid-IR fiber lasers
The program consists of several 3-hour lectures covering a broad range of fiber lasers related subjects. Each lecture starts with basics, followed by the state of the art, and addressing the latest topics in the field.

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