Application to the PhD Summer School on Essentials in Image Analysis for Scientists


Event details

Date 01.02.2023 17.03.2023
Speaker Dr. Laurène Donati, Dr. Daniel Sage, Dr. Edward Ando 
Category Deadline
Event Language English

Are you a PhD student at EPFL who regularly faces questions regarding the analysis of your images and who wants to learn more about practical concepts and tools to help you in this endeavour?

Then this summer school on image analysis is for you!

Throughout the week, a series of lectures will provide you with the essential concepts in image analysis – from the nature of digital images through the physics of image acquisition to the basics of deep learning, and more. In complement to these lectures, you will learn to use some popular image-analysis software during practical sessions. You are strongly encouraged to bring a juicy image-analysis problem from your own work on which you can make progress with the support of our imaging experts.

The Summer School will be held from July 3-7, 2023.
Applications are open until March 17, 2023. 

Practical information

  • General public
  • Registration required