CIS - "Get to know your neighbors" Seminar series - by Prof. Jürg Schiffmann


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Date and time 21.06.2021 15:1516:15  
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Speaker Prof. Jürg Schiffmann
Category Conferences - Seminars
Title: Steps towards automated design

Abstract: The design of mechanical systems is a challenging task. This is primarily due to competing objectives and stringent design constraints, which limit the design space and make it difficult to find feasible and optimum solutions. In this seminar, I will present first steps towards automated design to alleviate the tedious and repetitive part of the design process.

Bio: After obtaining his diploma in mechanical engineering from EPFL in 1999 Dr. Schiffmann co-founded a start-up company dedicated to the design of gas-lubricated bearings. In 2005 he joined Fischer Engineering Solutions where he led the development of small scale, high-speed turbomachinery. In parallel he worked on his PhD, which he obtained from EPFL in 2008. He then joined the Gas Turbine Lab at MIT as a postdoctoral associate where he worked on foil bearings. In 2013 he was nominated assistant professor and in 2019 associate professor with tenure at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Dr. Schiffmann is the recipient of several best paper awards from the ASME TurboExpo.

The Center for Intelligent Systems at EPFL (CIS) is a collaboration among IC, ENAC, SB; SV and STI that brings together researchers working on different aspects of Intelligent Systems.
In order to promote exchanges among researchers and encourage the creation of new, collaborative projects, CIS is organizing a "Get to know your neighbors" series. Each seminar will consist of one short overview presentation geared to the general public at EPFL.   
The CIS seminar will take place live on Zoom:

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Monday, June 21, 2021 from 3:15 to 4:15 pm
NB: Video recordings of the seminars will be made available on our website and published on our social media pages

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