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Date 09.04.2024
Hour 17:1519:30
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Meet Your Future Employer
ORACLE Labs Presentation & Tech Talk
ORACLE invites you to join them for an exclusive insight into Oracle Labs and for an overview of their internship opportunities on Tuesday, 9 April 2024 at 5.15 p.m. in Room BC410 .
           1. ORACLE Labs Presentation & Tech Talk (open to all): from 5.15 p.m. to 6.15 p.m.
A Sneak Peek in Oracle Labs Zurich: Low-Code/No-Code App Dev, Generative AI, and Polyglot Virtual Machines
Oracle Labs  is a research center where big parts of Oracle's innovation take place. The research areas span most fields of computer science, and small project ideas can turn into large open-source projects or Oracle products when they mature. In this presentation, four members of Oracle Labs will talk about the innovation happening at the Labs. After an introduction of the core mission and an overview of all research projects in the Labs, we will dive deeper into three topics: 
  • Empowering Innovation: The Synergy of Low-Code Notebooks and No-Code LLM Workflows in Future App Development
In this presentation, we will talk about the transformative impact of Low-Code/No-Code technologies and Large Language Models (LLMs) on the future of application development. We will explore the revolutionary synergy between Low-Code notebooks and No-Code LLM workflows, a combination that will redefine the landscape of app development. Low-Code notebooks offer an accessible platform for developers and non-developers to perform data manipulation and analysis with minimal coding, streamlining the development process. Concurrently, No-Code LLM workflows integrate advanced natural language processing capabilities, enabling developers and non-coders to execute complex tasks through simple, intuitive language commands. This powerful combination  accelerates the app development process and also democratizes it, making it more inclusive and accessible to a broader audience.
  • Enabling Generative AI with Oracle Database
Generative AI and ML are powered by vectors/embeddings representing images, texts, documents etc. A vector database can provide the user with vector similarity search to identify the most relevant results for a given query vector. Nevertheless, often one needs more than a vector database for relational/graph/json workloads. In this presentation, we talk about how Oracle adds AI vector search functionality in a single converged DB, and we overview some of the main techniques.
  • Supercharging Java Applications with GraalVM
GraalVM is a high-performance virtual machine, bringing new performance optimizations for individual languages and seamless interoperability for polyglot applications. It also includes a brand-new Graal compiler, developed at Oracle Labs, that can compile Java just in time in the context of the JDK, or ahead of time to produce native executable versions of Java applications. In this session we'll talk about various aspects of GraalVM and see demos of each.
>> Biography of Oracle’s speakers here.
         2. 1:1 Information Sessions (open to all, apply by sending your CV)  from 6.40 p.m.
Oracle invites you to participate in an individual discussion with one of their engineers to learn more about their labs and research, internship opportunities projects, and to ask any specific questions you may have.
If you are interested in participating in the 1 to 1 information sessions, please upload your CV during the registration process, by Tuesday, 19 March 2024, at the latest. Oracle will contact selected students for scheduling their information session.

Encountering issues during registration? Reach out to [email protected] with the subject line “Oracle Labs' Presentation' .

Organised by the Transversal Skills and Career Center.

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  • Organised by the Transversal Skills and Career Center.


  • Organised by the Transversal Skills and Career Center.