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  Tuesday 13 March 2018 19:30 - 20:30 MED 3 2215

Creation and characterization of ultra-dense hydrogen

By Pierre-Edouard Sottas

Learn about the project of 3 EPFL alumni (2 physicists and 1 microengineer) on the creation and characterisation of ultra-dense hydrogen. It is an ambitious interdisciplinary project and interested people are invited to join the crew!

Ultra-dense hydrogen is a state of matter that has recently been discovered, and that has the potential to be a true revolution in physics with multiple applications especially in the generation of clean energy. The project can be divided in 3 sub-projects: - Creation of ultra-dense hydrogen in a small device (need expertise in experimental physics, mechanics and electronics) - Theoretical modelling of ultra-dense hydrogen (need expertise in quantum physics and computer simulation) - Characterisation of ultra-dense hydrogen and its reaction products through particle detectors and a cloud chamber (need expertise in experimental and nuclear physics)

Organization Octanis Association

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