Digital Dilemmas: Humanitarian Consequences


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Date 02.05.2024 14.07.2024
Category Exhibitions
Event Language French, English
Presented by the EPFL EssentialTech Centre and the ICRC in partnership with the EPFL Center for Digital Trust (C4DT) and EPFL Pavilions, the exhibition Digital Dilemmas: Humanitarian Consequences sheds light on the many digital risks faced by civilians and humanitarian aid workers in conflict zones.

Digital dilemmas: Humanitarian Consequences is an immersive experience in which visitors face some of the digital dilemmas that civilians and humanitarians in conflict zone around the world must confront on a daily basis. 

You’ll discover why new technologies can be both a blessing and a curse in the humanitarian world, especially in conflict zones. Digital tools may give access to critical services – but they can also expose personal data, enable surveillance or exacerbate disinformation, making civilians and humanitarians even more vulnerable.

Digital Dilemmas was first presented at the UN headquarters in New York in 2023 in collaboration with the Swiss Confederation. It was subsequently offered to the broader public as an online interactive audiovisual experience. This new edition includes new challenges and is followed by an installation featuring solutions developed by EPFL labs in collaboration with the ICRC and ETH Zurich through the Engineering for Humanitarian Action initiative. At EPFL, this initiative is coordinated by the EssentialTech Centre.


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  • ICRC, EPFL EssentialTech Centre, EPFL Center for Digital Trust (C4DT), EPFL Pavilions