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Date and time 07.11.2019 17:15  
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Speaker Prof. Leonid Rivkin EPFL - PSI LPAP Introduction Prof. Tatsuya Nakada
Category Inaugural lectures - Honorary Lecture
After the first hundred years accelerators have come of age.These modern instruments of science and the associated technologies are at the heart of research that spans from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. Switzerland is host to two leading centers of accelerator science and technology, CERN and PSI.
They belong to the handful of top scientific organizations with a worldwide impact that goes far beyond particle physics, and benefits all areas of natural sciences as well as industry. A brief overview of the recent achievements and of future developments will be presented.
L. Rivkin was born in Odessa in 1954. Studied physics in Novosibirsk and Cambridge USA, graduating from Harvard University with AB in Physics in 1978. PhD in Physics from Caltech in 1985. Worked on several accelerator projects at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, followed by a year at LEP, CERN, Geneva.
He joined the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in 1989 and worked on the design, construction and commissioning of the Swiss Light Source. 
Since 2006 he has been the Head of the Department of Large Research Facilities at PSI and professor of particle accelerator physics at EPFL.
He has been serving as PSI Deputy Director since 2017.
Currently serving on several international advisory committees and a Fellow of the American Physical Society


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