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Date and time 19.11.2014 20.11.201417:3022:00  
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Rolex Learning Center & EPFL Innovation Park
Category Miscellaneous
To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Vice Presidency for Innovation and Technology Transfer (VPIV) joins the Global Entrepreneurship Week and organizes its first edition of the EPFL Entrepreneurship Days (EPFLED)!
Aware of the challenges in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and well beyond the campus, EPFLED’s main mission is to promote entrepreneurship; to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to get involved in company creation, to provide the necessary tools to create innovative projects, to focus on facilitating dialogue between established and future entrepreneurs and to shed light on company activities at EPFL’s Innovation Park.

On the program:
  • Dense and refreshing keynotes to immerse yourself in start-up culture,
  • Surprising and inspiring stories about the failures encountered by entrepreneurs,
  • A workshop to share experiences on various innovation locations both domestic and abroad,
  • A full afternoon to engage with people behind highly dynamic and innovative start-ups and companies at EPFL’s Innovation Park

Inspire, densify, demystify


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  • General public
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