ESA Funding Opportunities - Applicant Workshop


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Date 10.06.2024
Category Conferences - Seminars

The European Space Agency (ESA) is a 22-member intergovernmental body devoted to :

  • Space Science (Astrophysics, Exploration…)
  • Human and robotics exploration (ISS, Lunar Gateway)
  • Space Safety (Planetary defense, Space Debris, Space Sustainability, Space weather…)
  • Space Transportation, launchers, and ground support.
  • And space applications : Earth Observation, Telecommunication (Connectivity and secure communication, Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems), Navigation (GNSS, PNT, Innovation and technologies for Navigation), Commercialization and space solutions
To ensure the success of future space missions and ensure a positive impact on Earth, ESA proposes several R&D activities to achieves those goals on 50 technology fields, from low integration equipment (EEE, photonics, materials, mechanisms, thermal), to sub-systems and systems (GNC, AOCS, Power management, End To End RF/Optical Systems, Robotics…).
The Research Office, EPFL Space Center and Space Exchange Switzerland organize a hybrid info session presenting ESA activities:

  1. General Introduction- EPFL Space Center
  2. Introduction to ESA programmes and technology harmonisation process- Space Exchange Switzerland
  3. Which help can you get from EPFL on ESA proposals ? 
  4. One success story- Prof. Devis Tuia
  5. Questions and answers session
 For any questions, please contact the EPFL Research Office ([email protected])