Honorary Lecture Viesturs Simanis - Cold fission: how to split a cell at room temperature


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Date 28.09.2023
Hour 17:1519:00
Speaker Prof. Viesturs Simanis Bio:
I was born in London, UK. I did my BA Degree in Biochemistry at Imperial College, London, passing with First class honours, and was awarded the Governor’s Prize. I did my PhD with Prof David Lane at Imperial College, studying cellular sequences that bind T antigen in SV40-transformed cells. My postdoctoral studies were with Prof. Paul Nurse (ICRF, London), working on cell cycle control, using the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe as a model. I was appointed chercheur associé at ISREC in 1989, and then Associate Professor at EPFL in 2006. My lab studies cell cycle control, with a focus on how the cell cycle is coordinated during mitotic division and meiosis.
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17:15 - 17:25 Introduction by Andy Oates and Joachim Lingner
17:25 - 18:25 Lecture by Viesturs Simanis
18:30  Apéritif / SV Hall

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To reproduce itself, a cell must first duplicate its genome (S-phase), then partition it to ensure that each daughter cell receives a complete copy (mitosis), and finally, divide itself to generate two daughter cells (cytokinesis). To maintain the integrity of its genome, a cell must execute DNA synthesis, mitosis, and cytokinesis once per cycle, in the correct order, with high fidelity. The ground rules of cell cycle control were established through the study of model organisms and analysis of extracts prepared from dividing cells. These identified cellular components that are important for the cell cycle or its regulation. I shall discuss our studies of the S. pombe Septation Initiation Network (SIN), which is important for cell division. Failure of SIN signalling blocks cytokinesis, while unscheduled SIN signalling uncouples cytokinesis from the rest of the cell cycle.


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