Imaging Lunch: Basics of GPU acceleration for image processing


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Date 17.04.2024
Hour 11:0013:00
Speaker Dr Joan Rué Queralt
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Our in-house expert Dr. Joan Rué Queralt will give a talk on Bascis of GPU acceleration for image processing during our next imaging lunch. Open to all EPFL PhD students and Postdocs!

This talk explores the role of GPUs in accelerating image processing tasks, leveraging their parallel processing capabilities. We will delve into the architectural differences with CPUs and the evolution of processing units, emphasizing how GPUs efficiently manage multiple data operations simultaneously. Through practical examples using Python libraries, attendees will learn when and how to use GPU acceleration for their scientific applications and complex image processing pipelines.

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About the Imaging Lunches: Once per month, the EPFL Center for Imaging organises an event dedicated to all PhD students and postdocs working with/in imaging. Discuss the latest advances in imaging. Connect with imaging peers. Learn about popular imaging tools!

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