Imaging Lunch: Creating scientific illustrations with BioIcons and BioRender


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Date 01.11.2023
Hour 11:0013:00
Speaker Simon Dürr
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

In this workshop, we will learn about which tools can be used to create scientific illustrations for the life sciences and what you need to be careful about when sharing/reusing illustrations. In particular, we will cover: 

  • Licensing and copyright for illustrations
  • An overview of the landscape of tools and databases to create illustrations for the life sciences
  • Why scientists in Switzerland legally cannot use BioRender even with the Premium plan
  • Open alternatives to BioRender
The objective is to give attendees insights and resources on how to think critically about creating the illustrations that are present in almost all life science papers and showcase open tools to create better illustrations that comply with the FAIR principles. After the lunch, we will host a short discussion to improve select figures from the participants and from selected papers.  

The speaker Simon Dürr is a PhD student in protein design at EPFL and the developer of the free and open source database

This event is co-hosted by EPFL Center for Imaging and EPFL Open Science.  

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  • General public
  • Registration required
  • This event is internal


  • EPFL Center for Imaging, EPFL Open Science

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