Imaging Seminar: Using X-ray Scattering Contrast to Bridge the Nano- and Macro-Scales


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Date 24.11.2022 17:0018:00  
Speaker Prof. Marianne Liebi, PSI/EPFL
Category Conferences - Seminars
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Microscopy in scanning mode allows to image different contrasts from the sample, by probing not only absorption and phase contrast of the sample but for example a full X-ray fluorescence spectrum or a 2D scattering pattern. Small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) imaging is in particular valuable for heterogeneous samples, in which structural elements in the nano- or Ångström-scale change over macroscopic length scales, thus several millimeters or centimeters. The scattering patterns provide statistical information in each scan point, thus this method is complementary to high-resolution imaging techniques. The information extracted from each scattering pattern can be used to create images with different contrast, such as density of nano-scale features or orientation of nanostructures. These methods can also be combined with computed tomography to study the inside of three-dimensional samples. A range of applications will be shown from biological tissues to various soft-matter systems.

Marianne Liebi is Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at EPF Lausanne and head of the group “Structure and Mechanics of Advanced Materials” at PSI. She has been appointed in 2021 at EPFL where she is part of the Institute of Materials within the School of Engineering. Marianne Liebi studied Food Science at ETH Zurich where she also obtained her PhD in 2013 in the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering lead by Prof. Erich J. Windhab. Within this project started using small-angle neutron scattering at PSI for the characterization of soft-matter, namely of magnetic alignable self-assembly structures. As a Postdoc in the coherent X-ray scattering group at the Swiss Light Source she worked from 2013-2016 on method development in SAXS tensor tomography. In 2016 she moved to Sweden where after a short period at the NanoMAX beamline, MAXIV Laboratory, Lund she started her own research group in 2017 as Assistant Professor at the Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, and became Docent in Physics in spring 2020. She kept her affiliation at Chalmers University of Technology, where still part of her group is located (Liebi research group) when moving back to Switzerland in 2020 where she was Scientific Group Leader in the Center for X-ray Analytics at Empa, St.Gallen, before joining PSI in November 2021.  

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