INSPIRE Quantum Master Awards


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Date 06.04.2023 01.06.2023
Category Call for proposal

One of the QSE Center’s main missions is to attract excellent female students in the domain of quantum science and engineering, where they unfortunately still remain strongly underrepresented. To that end, the QSE Center is joining ETH Zurich, NCCR Spin and NCCR Marvel in launching the INSPIRE Quantum Master Awards. These awards aim to attract and empower excellent female students who will conduct their master’s project in the research areas represented at the QSE Center.
This initiative, recognizing that an ambitious master’s research project is a stepping stone to starting a career in research, seeks to increase the number of young women researchers in the QSE domain, as represented by the numerous research groups at EPFL.

The awardee will receive 8,000 CHF paid to them directly. External applicants are eligible for up to an additional 2,000 CHF for travel expenses.

Next application deadline: June 1, 2023

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