Junior Quantum Seminar


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Date 21.03.2023
Hour 09:3011:00
Category Conferences - Seminars

The Junior Quantum Seminars are starting again with an upcoming session on Tuesday March 21st. The aim of such periodic seminars is to get together the junior quantum community of PhDs and post-docs at EPFL, to create a non-judgmental space were scientific ideas can be shared between peers. We start launching 3 sessions of seminars during the fall semester, mainly focused on the quantum research in the Physics department, hoping to expand the initiative to a more interdisciplinary framework in the next semesters. 

Please note that the location will be different from previous times: we will meet in GR C0 01.
Here is the detailed program of the upcoming Junior Quantum Seminar:

9:30 breakfast and informal discussion between PhDs and postdocs

10:00-11:00 seminars targeted at a young researchers audience. The talks of this session will be:
                • Alessio Zicoschi (SB IPHYS LPQM1):  Integrated Transducers for Room Temperature Quantum Optomechanics
                • Nergiz Sahi (STI IMT LMIS1): Single Chip Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Microsystems

Practical information

  • Informed public
  • Free


  • Valentin Goblot, LQNO
    Fabrizio Minganti, LTPN