Internal trainings

  Friday 13 April 2018 09:30 - 11:30 CH G1 495

LASER HAZARDS - Complementary training

By Anna Maria Novello

Objectives of the course
   - At the end of the training, participant will be able to explain laser hazards and risks.
   - Participant will have basic knowledge on US and European laser safety regulation and laser classes.
   - Participant will understand general technical, organizational and personal control measures applicable to laser risk.
   - Participant will be capable to apply these general measures to his/her experimental setup.

Lasing fundamentals, laser light properties
Understanding of laser hazards
   - Beam hazards. Primary sites of damages
   - Collateral hazards
   - Examples/analysis of accidents
Laser hazards’ evaluation
   - Laser classes. American and European regulations
Laser controls
   - Engineering control measures
   - Organizational mitigation measures
   - Protective Equipment: laser goggle

Target audience
Present (especially beginners) and future users of laser systems are strongly encouraged to attend this course. Also all individuals who wish to extend their knowledge on laser safety.

Organization DSPS-SCC

Contact Registration
- Email to (subject: Laser Safety Training)

Accessibility General public

Admittance Registration required