Laura WALLER: End-to-end Learning for Computational Microscopy


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Date and time 27.05.2021 17:0018:00  
Speaker Laura Waller, UC Berkeley, USA 
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Abstract. Computational imaging involves the joint design of imaging system hardware and software, optimizing across the entire pipeline from acquisition to reconstruction. Computers can replace bulky and expensive optics by solving computational inverse problems.

This talk will describe end-to-end learning for development of new microscopes that use computational imaging to enable 3D fluorescence and phase measurement. Traditional model-based image reconstruction algorithms are based on large-scale nonlinear non-convex optimization; we combine these with unrolled neural networks to learn both the image reconstruction algorithm and the optimized data capture strategy.

Biography. Laura Waller is the Ted Van Duzer Endowed Associate Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Her main interests lie in the development of computational imaging methods for phase imaging, super-resolution microscopy and lensless imaging. 

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