Lipid membrane bioactivity – novel insights from optical super-resolution (STED-FCS) microscopy


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Date 07.05.2015
Hour 16:3017:30
Speaker Prof. Christian Eggeling
MRC Human Immunology Unit & Wolfson Imaging Centre Oxford,
Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford
Category Conferences - Seminars
Molecular interactions in the plasma membrane of living cells are key in cellular signalling. Especially, lipids or diffusional restrictions by the cortical cytoskeleton are considered to play a functional part in a whole range of membrane-associated processes. The direct and non-invasive observation of such interactions in living cells is often impeded by principle limitations of conventional far-field optical microscopes, specifically with respect to limited spatio-temporal resolution. Here, I show how novel details of molecular membrane dynamics can be obtained by using advanced microscopy approaches such as the combination of super-resolution STED microscopy with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (STED-FCS). These include new insights into the lipid “raft” theory, and on the role of plasma membrane and cytoskeleton organization in the triggering of immune cells, specifically during T-cell activation.

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