Luca Forcucci: Bodyscape


Event details

Date 18.01.2018
Hour 19:0021:00
Speaker Luca Forcucci
Category Cultural events

Swiss sound artist Luca Forcucci will perform his "Bodyscape" project within ArtLab's Mental Work experimental factory, further exploring possible interfaces between the body, the mind, and our digital environments.

Drawing on Pauline Oliveros' concept of "deep listening" as much as on Forcucci's own 2009 residency at EPFL's Brain Mind Institute (as part of Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK Artists-in-labs program program), "Bodyscape" is a site- specific electroacoustic composition for (blindfolded) bodies and soundscapes.

The project explores how sound can induce and influence visual mental imagery by directly impacting the listener's body. What one perceives visually as a result of sound is a virtual reality environment, entirely constructed by the participants' brains without any outside visual stimulus.

There's only sound, and the mental patterns it generates. Therefore the audience actively participates in the creation of the piece, as each mental landscape triggered by Forcucci's soundscapes are highly individual visual environments, only visible within one's mind.

Practical information

  • General public
  • Free


  • EPFL ArtLab


  • ArtLab Building
    Station 22
    CH - 1015 Lausanne +41 21 693 65 01


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