lunch&LEARN: improving retention of non-traditional STEM students at EPFL


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Date 08.06.2023
Hour 12:1513:00
Speaker Simone Deparis
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Prior research shows that time pressure impacts the way students address problem-solving, revealing a tendency to revert to the use of habitual and intuitive problem-solving rather than attempting to work through a more procedural approach. Time pressure can also increase anxiety among ‘maths anxious’ students, negatively impacting on their performance. These impacts are likely to be strongest among those who have not previously studied Mathematics to a high level in high school, as is the case with many non-traditional STEM students.

In this session of lunch&LEARN, Simone Deparis, Adjunct Professor at the Mathematics Section and Executive Director of the Propaedeutic centre, will present the results of a study building upon previous work done at EPFL on the effect of the Flipped Classroom in Linear Algebra, using different students and a different mathematics class (Analysis rather than Linear Algebra) while giving extra 30 minutes during the exam.

Deparis will go over the findings which form a basis for reducing time pressure on students in the first year exams, enabling non-traditional STEM students to better demonstrate their learning in the exam.


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