Wednesday 21 February - Friday 17 August 2018 10:00 - 13:00 Rolex Learning Center

Mathematics expose themselves

For the start of the semester of Spring 2018, the EPFL Library is putting Mathematics in the spotlight and offers from Wednesday, February 21, a selection of documents at the Espace Découverte "Mathematics and Music", as well as an exhibition of Ancient Books "Les Mathématiques sous toutes leurs formes".

"Mathematics and Music", February-April 2018, Espace Découverte: The selection of documents illustrates the theme of music and mathematics and gives some examples of scientific research on music theory, acoustics or hearing. All the documents presented can be borrowed.

"Les Mathématiques sous toutes leurs formes", February-August 2018, Antique book cases: This exhibition illustrates the history of mathematics from the EPFL Library's "collection of valuable works" and the "19th century collection". Focusing this exhibition on ancient books allows to follow certain mathematical issues on the long term, through themes such as: the physical acoustics of instruments, analysis, probabilities and measures, algebra, astronomy, physics, tables and forms, geometry and music theory.

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