Mitochondrial dynamics in health and disease


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Date and time 27.02.2020 11:0012:00  
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Speaker Thimoty Wai (PhD) CNRS – Institut Pasteur, Paris, Biologie mitochondriale, Département de Biologie cellulaire et infection        
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The research focus of the lab is to understand the relevance of mitochondrial dynamics in health and disease.  The morphology of mitochondria is inextricably linked to its many essential functions in the cell and we are interested in understanding the relationship between mitochondrial shape changes and metabolism in the context of acquired and inborn human diseases.  I will discuss ongoing work using genetic screens to identify factors novel regulators and modulators of mitochondrial morphology in cells from patients with mitochondrial genetic diseases and the lessons we are learning regarding the importance of balanced mitochondrial dynamics.  I will also discuss the relevance of mitochondrial fission in cardiac metabolism and the connections between mitochondria, cell death, inflammation and heart failure in novel models developed by our lab.

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